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Faculty Services Guide: Faculty Scholarship and Digital Repository

A guide to services provided to the University of Richmond Law School faculty by the Muse Law Library and by other entities within the Law School.

Faculty Scholarship and Digital Repository Library Contacts

Samantha Cabo, Digital Services Librarian

Sylvis Yanes, Research & Faculty Services Librarian 



Faculty Scholarship

Contact Samantha Cabo at or 289-8217 for:

  • Scholarship tracking via Digital Measures
  • Digital Measures support and training
  • Digital Measures reports

Contact Sylvia Yanes at or 289-8727 for:

  • Questions related to tracking of faculty scholarship for Boatwright honors and Order of the Coif
  • Updates and citation resolution for faculty scholarship reports


Digital Repository

Contact Samantha Cabo at or 289-8217 for uploads to the University of Richmond Digital Repository.

Law review articles and materials for which you own the copyright are eligible for the Digital Repository.