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Faculty Services Guide: MCLE

A guide to services provided to the University of Richmond Law School faculty by the Muse Law Library and by other entities within the Law School.


The Law Library plays a role in Mandatory Continuing Legal Education services.  The Library oversees the application process for MCLE sessions provided by faculty and student groups through the Law School's accreditation by the Virginia State Bar; in addition, the Library supports the sessions through multimedia and collection of records and archival materials.  The Library also has resources to support the MCLE needs of the faculty for their own bar licensure requirements.  

Virginia MCLE Contacts

Joyce Manna Janto, Director of Public & Instructional Services

Molly Lentz-Meyer, Director of Bibliographic Services

Carl Hamm, Multimedia Production & Technology Specialist



Virginia MCLE

Once you have confirmed the date, time, and location of your Virginia MCLE event with Alex Sklut and Mary Ruth Walters, the next step is to contact Joyce Manna Janto at or 289-2787 for:

  • Requirements for application materials
  • Suggested timeline for submission of materials
  • Submission of materials for the application
  • Coordination of VSB requests for further information or additional materials

Contact Carl Hamm at or 484-1618 for:

  • Multimedia assistance for the event
  • Recording/livestreaming of the event

Contact Molly Lentz-Meyer at or 289-8221 for:

  • Submission of advertising materials for the archives
  • Submission of event materials for the archives


The Law Library offers faculty the ability to fulfill their state-specific MCLE requirements through West's LegalEd Center.  Please contact your Librarian Liaison or Joyce Janto at or 289-8223 for assistance.