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Faculty Services Guide: Acquisitions, Collections, and Serials

A guide to services provided to the University of Richmond Law School faculty by the Muse Law Library and by other entities within the Law School.

Acquisitions, Collections, and Serials Contacts

Molly Lentz-Meyer, Director of Bibliographic Services

Janette Morgan, Acquisitions and Serials Manager

Kathy Salandro, Library Associate -- Acquisitions/Serials

Acquisitions, Collections, and Serials

The Law Library collects a wide range of materials in print, electronic, and other formats to support faculty scholarship, teaching, and research.  We also maintain the materials we collect, including office copies of serials, and circulate journals among the faculty.  The one type of resource we do not collect, however, is textbooks, because those are available to faculty for free from the publisher.  

Contact Molly Lentz-Meyer at or 289-8221 for:

  • Requests for materials, including databases
  • Queries about publishers
  • Questions about what the library collects and acquires and in what form

You can also request materials through your Librarian Liaison. 

Contact Janette Morgan at or 289-8224 for:

  • Questions about publishers
  • Publisher contact information

Contact Kathy Salandro at or 289-8227 for:

  • Questions about maintenance of office copies of serials and looseleafs
  • Questions about routing of journals and other publications