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Faculty Services Guide: Faculty Research Services

A guide to services provided to the University of Richmond Law School faculty by the Muse Law Library and by other entities within the Law School.

Faculty Research Services

Some of the research services that the Law Library provides to Faculty members include:

  • Research services by faculty liaisons
  • Research projects performed by the Library's pool of research assistants
  • Guest lectures on research topics in doctrinal classes
  • Research consultations for faculty or for students
  • Training for your research assistants on library resources and procedures
  • Database evaluation and training

For further information, please contact your Librarian Liaison or Sylvia Yanes ( or (804) 289-8727).

Faculty Liaison Librarians

Joyce Manna Janto, Director of Public & Instructional Services

Alex Clay Hutchings, Research & Student Services Librarian

Sylvia Yanes, Research & Faculty Services Librarian



Faculty Liaison Research Services

Full-time faculty members are assigned to a Librarian Liaison, who serves as their point of contact with the Library.  Your Librarian Liaison has been assigned to you based on a combination of expertise and availability; please be aware that your Librarian Liaison may change as library staff changes.  Your Librarian Liaison is typically the person who will perform research projects for you, though other librarians will sometimes pitch in to help with a project due to workload or experience factors.  

If you can't remember who your Librarian Liaison is, feel free to contact Sylvia Yanes at or (804) 289-8727.

Library Research Assistant Pool

The Law Library maintains a pool of Research Assistants who can assist you with your research needs.  Whether you have your own RA or not, our pool of Library RAs can help you with your legal and interdisciplinary research needs.  We do ask that you route all requests through the supervising librarian and please be aware that we do not have the capacity to write research memos.  

For Library Research Assistant help, please contact Sylvia Yanes at or at 289-8727; you can also fill out the form here.

Guest Lectures on Legal Research Topics

Need an expert to provide legal research instruction to your students?  Request a guest lecture by one of our law librarians for your doctrinal, seminar, practicum, or clinical classes.  We can provide guest lectures as well as follow-up research consultations with your students on an individual basis.  

Contact Sylvia Yanes at or 289-8727 or contact your Librarian Liaison to make arrangements.  

Research Consultations for Faculty or Students

Students who are writing research papers can benefit from one-on-one research consultations with law librarians before their bibliographies or outlines are due.  The law librarians can help the students explore searches beyond Westlaw and Lexis and use search strategies and resources they may not have considered, resulting in deeper, richer research and better work product.  Professors may choose whether to recommend or require these consultations; the librarians are happy to consult with the professors ahead of time as to goals and parameters of the research.  

For questions, please contact your Librarian Liaison or Sylvia Yanes at or 289-8727.

Research Assistant Training

The Law Library provides annual training for faculty research assistants on:

  • Using Library resources as a proxy for faculty members
  • The mechanics of ILL requests, copying, scanning, and reserves
  • Using the catalog
  • Advanced legal research techniques
  • Using databases, campuswide collections, and identifying what needs to be borrowed

In addition, the Reference Librarians can provide quality checks of your research assistants' work.

Please contact Sylvia Yanes at or 289-8727 for more information

Database Evaluation and Training

Have questions about a new legal research database?  Want to try out a database that you've heard about from a colleague at another institution?  Need some refresher training on an existing database or just want to learn about some new features?  Want your administrative assistant to learn the ins and outs of HeinOnline? The Law Library can help!  We provide database evaluation, maintenance, and training to faculty and staff, and we arrange database trials for new databases that we are considering adding to our collection.  

For questions about Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg, including passwords, training, and new features, contact Joyce Manna Janto at or 289-8223.

For questions about all other databases, and to arrange trials of databases, contact Samantha Cabo at or 289-8217.

And, of course, you can always contact your Librarian Liaison to make an appointment for database training.