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Sexual Orientation and the Law

Introduction to researching issues of sexual orientation and gender and the law.

National Media

Recent changes in politics and the focus on sexuality in social issues have led several major news outlets to dedicate a column or portion of their website to sex and gender issues. This list is not exhaustive, but will give you an idea of how to focus your searches for current awareness on a more specific topic.

Often, issues of gender, marriage, childbirth, and relationships are relegated to "lifestyle" or "popular culture" sections in the news. Looking through the organization of a newspaper can often give you insights into its structure and the goals of its editors. 


The interdisciplinary nature of gender and sexuality issues often means looking outside of the law. Try combining search terms for "sexuality" or "gender" or a more narrow terms within your area with other disciplines such as "psychology" or "economics" + "blog" or "news" to find sources tailored to your area of interest.