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Health Care Legal Research: Practice Resources and Current Issues

This guide is designed to assist students in completing their research paper in Professor Suddarth's Health Care Reform class.

Step One: News and Current Awareness

If you aren't sure where to start in your research or are having trouble picking a topic, the best place to begin is with current awareness sources. News articles, blogs, and social media are a good way to find current problems within the area of law you are researching. Browse news sources to get ideas, then--once you have narrowed it down--sign up for news alerts on your topic so you can keep on top of developments.

Setting Alerts

There are  health care related practice area concentrations in several commercial databases available to you. These are an excellent place to look over available treatises, find current news stories, and then locate the regulations or statutes that are being discussed.

Help from Practitioners

Professional organizations are a great place to start looking for current events, issues facing practitioners, and conflicts within the health law arena.