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Student Services Guide: Archives and Special Collections

An overview of services and resources available to Richmond Law students.

Law School Archives and Special Collections

The Library maintains the Law School Archives, a repository of the history of the Law School, as well as Special Collections, which contain unique materials relevant to the Law School community.  Archives and Special Collections keeps:

  • A physical copy of every book published by faculty (with textbooks, this includes the first editions and every subsequent edition with major updates)
  • A physical copy of all reprints of law review articles provided by faculty members
  • Special collections of materials necessary for scholarship of faculty members that is not readily available elsewhere
  • An historical list of all publications of each faculty member  

Archives and Special Collections Staff

Molly Lentz-Meyer, Director of Bibliographic Services

Daniel Turner, Digital and Archival Collections Assistant

Archives, Manuscript Collections, and Special Collections

Contact Molly Lentz-Meyer at or 289-8221 for:

  • Notifications of newly-published faculty publications and major updates
  • Requests to access Special Collections
  • Requests for materials from the Archives
  • Requests to acquire materials for the Special Collections for use in your scholarship
  • Questions about publications lists