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Public Policy Research & Drafting

A Research Guide for students in Prof. Casey and Moran's Public Policy research and Drafting class.

Finding Discipline-Specific Periodicals

The Journal Title & eBook Locator on will search the catalog of the entire university library system for journals related to your search terms. Keep in mind that this is a TITLE search--it will look at the titles of journals and periodicals for your terms, not at the full text of the journal. This is a way to identify the major publications that will be likely to publish articles on your topic.

Finding Databases

You can search our research databases in two different ways: 

1. Search the Law & Law-Related Databases to locate the databases that are curated by the law school.

2. Search Boatwright library's full list of databases to find interdisciplinary and topic-specific research databases outside of the law.

Non-Law Journals

State Specific Resources

SSRN - Social Science Research Network

Think Tanks and Organizations

There are several directories to find Think Tanks dedicated to various areas of public policy.

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