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Admiralty and Maritime Law Bibliography

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in admiralty and maritime law at the University of Richmond Law Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.

Print and Electronic Sources

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Scrutton, Thomas Edward
TITLE: Scrutton on charterparties and bills of lading
PUBLISHER: London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2008
EDITION: 21st ed. / by Stewart C. Boyd ... [et al.]
NOTES: First published in 1886 under title: The contract of affreightment as expressed in charterparties and bills of lading.
CALL NUMBER: KD1819 .S34 2008


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Coghlin, Terence, [et al.]
TITLE: Time charters
PUBLISHER: London: Informa, 2008
SERIES: 6th ed.
CALL NUMBER: K1182.A58 W55 2008


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Davies, Donald
TITLE: Commencement of laytime
PUBLISHER: London: Informa, 2006
EDITION: 4th ed.
SERIES: Essential maritime and transport law series
CALL NUMBER: Law 2d Floor KD1834 .D4 D38 2006


TITLE: Bareboat charters
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 2005
EDITION: 2nd ed.
SERIES: Lloyd’s shipping law library
CALL NUMBER: KD1819 .D38 2005


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Schofield, John
TITLE: Laytime and demurrage
PUBLISHER: Richmond: LLP, 2005
EDITION: 5th ed.
SERIES: Lloyd’s shipping law library
CALL NUMBER: KD1834.D4 S36 2005


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Gorton, Lars, [et al.]
TITLE: Shipbroking and chartering practice
PUBLISHER: London; Singapore: LLP, 2004
EDITION: 6th ed.
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .G6 2004


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Cooke, J. H. S., [et al.]
TITLE: Voyage charters
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 2001
EDITION: 2nd ed.
NOTES: Intended as a companion volume to Time charters and to Laytime and demurrage.
CALL NUMBER: KZA1182 .V69 2001


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Williams, Harvey
TITLE: Chartering documents
PUBLISHER: London: Lloyd's of London Press, 1999
EDITION: 4th ed.
SERIES: Lloyd's practical shipping guides
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .G7 1999


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Cockett, Neil
TITLE: Neil Cockett on bunkers
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 1997
SERIES: Practical guides (LLP)
CALL NUMBER: VC276 .A1 C62 1997


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Jamieson, Andrew
TITLE: Shipbrokers and the law
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 1997
CALL NUMBER: KD2024 .S4 J36 1997


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Sassoon, David M.
TITLE: C.I.F. and F.O.B. contracts
PUBLISHER: London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1995
EDITION: 4th ed.
SERIES: British shipping laws
CALL NUMBER: KD1819 .S27 1995


TITLE: The law of demurrage
PUBLISHER: London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1995
EDITION: 4th ed.
SERIES: British shipping laws
CALL NUMBER: K1184 .T52 1995


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Packard, William V.
TITLE:  Shipping pools
PUBLISHER: London: Lloyd's of London Press, 1995
EDITION: 2nd ed.
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .P32 1995


TITLE: The safe port or berth reachable on arrival : charterers' and shipowners' responsibilities and liabilities
PUBLISHER: London: Fairplay Publications Ltd., 1986
SERIES: A Fairplay publication
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .A86 1986


TITLE: Time charter withdrawals : an examination of shipowners' rights to withdraw vessels from the service of time charterers
PUBLISHER: London: Fairplay Publications, 1984
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .A87 1984


TITLE: The right of appeal : a practical digest of charter-party disputes and the right of appeal under the Arbitration Act 1979
PUBLISHER: London: Fairplay, 1983
CALL NUMBER: KD1834 .C5 A87 1983


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Mitchelhill, Alan
TITLE: Bills of lading : law and practice
PUBLISHER: London; New York: Chapman and Hall, 1982


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Seminar on Charter Parties (1981 : San Francisco).
TITLE: Speaker's [sic] papers for charter parties : San Francisco, CA, June 18 & 19, 1982
PUBLISHER: New York: LLP, Inc., 1981
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .A55 S6 1981


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Packard, William V.
TITLE: Timechartering
PUBLISHER: London: Fairplay Publications, 1980
SERIES: Tramp ship series
CALL NUMBER: HE594 .P3 1980


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Seminar on Charter Parties (1979 : New York).
TITLE: Speakers' papers for charter parties : a practical and technical approach to handling dry & liquid tramp chartering
PUBLISHER: New York: LLP Inc., 1980
CALL NUMBER: K1182 .A55 S6 1979


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Stretch, George Winfield
TITLE: Chartering of ships; charter parties and bills of lading
PUBLISHER: New Orleans: Bierne Associates 1954-
NOTES: Library has: v. 1.
CALL NUMBER: KF 1114 .C4 S7 1954


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Poor, Wharton
TITLE: American law of charter parties and ocean bills of lading
EDITION: 1st ed.
PUBLISHER: Albany, N.Y.: M. Bender, 1920

EDITION: 2nd ed.
PUBLISHER: Albany. N.Y.: M. Bender, 1930
CALL NUMBER: KF1114 .C4 P6 1930

EDITION: 4th ed.
PUBLISHER: Albany, N.Y.: M. Bender, 1954
CALL NUMBER: Law Library Microfiche KF209 .L38 1987 Commercial law no. 149

EDITION: 5th ed.
PUBLISHER: New York, M. Bender, 1968
CALL NUMBER: KF1114.C4 P6 1968


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Sawyer, Frederic W.
TITLE: The merchant's and shipmaster's guide : in relation to their rights, duties, and liabilities, under the existing commercial regulations of the United States, as established by statute, and according to judicial decisions, in this and other countries, …
EDITION: 2nd ed.
PUBLISHER: Boston: B. Loring, 1841

EDITION: 4th ed
PUBLISHER: Boston: B. Loring & Co., 1843
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections: KF1104 .S38 1843

EDITION: 5th ed.
PUBLISHER: Boston: S. Thaxter and Son, 1852


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