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Admiralty and Maritime Law Bibliography

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in admiralty and maritime law at the University of Richmond Law Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Maritime Law Association of the United States.
TITLE:  AMC. American maritime cases
PUBLISHER: Baltimore, American Maritime Cases,
FREQUENCY: Monthly (except August)
PRINT: v.1- (1923- )


AUTHOR/EDITOR: United States. Federal Maritime Commission.
TITLE:  Annual report for fiscal year (Federal Maritime Commission)
PUBLISHER: Washington, D.C.: Federal Maritime Commission, 1985-
PRINT: v.38-49 (1999-2010)
MICROFICHE: v.24-40 (1984-2001)
ONLINE: (1917- )


TITLE:  Digest of American maritime cases
PUBLISHER: Baltimore: American Maritime Cases, 1928-
FREQUENCY: Quinquennial
NOTES: v.1-16 (1923-2007)


TITLE:  International maritime and commercial law yearbook : a jurisdictional review of international maritime and commercial law
PUBLISHER: London: Informa Professional, 2002-
PRINT: (2003-2010)  
NOTES: Comprises surveys of international maritime and commercial law developments which previously appeared as articles in Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly.   <2003-> edited by Francis D. Rose.


TITLE:  MARAD : the annual report of the Maritime Administration
PUBLISHER: Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Maritime Administration,
PRINT: 1982-1984, 1990
MICROFICHE: 1988, 1991-1992, 1997-2001


TITLE: The Maritime advisor. Part I, court case digest
PUBLISHER: Greenwich, Conn.: Maritime Advisory Services, 1981-
NOTES: v.1-17
CALL NUMBER: KF1101.3 .M37


TITLE:  Maritime law reporter
PUBLISHER: Stoneham, Mass. : Butterworth Legal Publishers, 1987-
FREQUENCY: Six issues yearly
NOTES: v.2-11 (1988 - 1999)

Print and Electronic Monographs

Print and Electronic Monographs

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Dixon, Francis B.
TITLE:  Abridgment of the maritime law : comprising general and particular average, adjustment, abandonment, bottomry, collision, and salvage. To which is added, The general duties of masters and owners, with a copious appendix, . . .
EDITION: 1st ed.
PUBLISHER: New York: C.T. Evans, 1857


EDITION: 2nd ed.

PUBLISHER: Norfolk, Va.: J.D. Ghiselin, Jr., 1859

CALL NUMBER: Special Coll. KF1104 .D5 1859


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Flanders, Henry
TITLE: A treatise on maritime law
PUBLISHER: Boston: Little, Brown, 1852
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections KF1104 .F53 1852

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Blunt, Joseph
TITLE: The shipmaster's assistant, and commercial digest : containing information useful to merchants, owners, and  masters of ships
PUBLISHER: New York: E. & G. W. Blunt, 1837
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections K1150 .B54 1837

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Emerigon, Balthazard-Marie
TITLE: An essay on maritime loans … to which is added an appendix containing the titles De exercitoria actione, De lege rhodia de jactu, and De nautico foenere, translated from the digests and code of Justinian, [cont.]
PUBLISHER: Baltimore : Published by Philip H. Nicklin & Co., 1811.
NOTES: [Title cont.:] and [an English translation of] the title Des contrats a la grosse aventure ou a retour de voyage, from the marine ordinance of Louis XIV.
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections: KJV2862 .E4413 1811

TITLE: The maritime law of Europe
PUBLISHER: Clark, N.J.: Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2006
NOTES: Originally published: New York: George Forman for I. Riley, 1806.
CALL NUMBER: KJC2256 .A89 2006 (Also a 1806 copy of  v. 2 in Special Collections KJC2256 .A89 1806)

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Abbott, Charles, Baron Tenterden
TITLE: A treatise of the law relative to merchant ships & seamen
NOTES: Title varies slightly by edition
EDITION: 1st ed.

PUBLISHER: Philadelphia: Printed and sold by James Humphreys, 1802



EDITION: The second American, from the third London edition, with annotations by Joseph Story, Esq. counsellor at law

PUBLISHER: United States: Charles Norris & Co.Newburyport Mass.: Edward Little & Co., 1810

CALL NUMBER: Law Library Special Collections KD 1819 .A2x 1810


EDITION: 4th ed., with additions.
PUBLISHER: London: Reed & Hunter, 1812


EDITION: 12th ed. / by Samuel Prentice.
PUBLISHER: London: Shaw, 1881


EDITION: 14th ed./ by James Perronet Aspinall, Butler Aspinall and Hubert Stuart Moore
PUBLISHER: London: Shaw & Sons: Butterworth, 1901


EDITION: 14th ed. Reprint
PUBLISHER: Littleton, Colo.: F.B. Rothman, 1993
NOTES: This edition by James Perronet Aspinall, Butler Aspinall and Hubert Stuart Moore. Originally published: London: Shaw & Sons: Butterworth, 1901.
CALL NUMBER: KD1819 .A74 1993


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Beawes, Wyndham
TITLE:  Lex mercatoria rediviva : or, A complete code of commercial law. Being a general guide to all men in business ...
PUBLISHER: Dublin: Printed for John Rice, 1795
EDITION: 6th ed. / considerably enl. and improved, by Thomas Mortimer
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections KD1629 .B4 1795


TITLE: The maritime dicaeologie, or, Sea-jurisdiction of England : in three books : the first setting forth the antiquity of the admiralty in England, the second proving the ports, havens, and creeks of the sea to be within the jurisdiction of the admiralty, the third shewing that all contracts concerning maritime affairs are within the jurisdiction of the admiralty, and there cognoscible
PUBLISHER: Clark, N.J.: Lawbook Exchange, 2004
NOTES: Originally published: London: Printed for C. Davis, 1746.
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .E93 2004

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Bijnkershoek, Cornelis van
TITLE:  De Dominio maris dissertatio ... : a photographic reproduction  ...
PUBLISHER: New York: Oxford University Press, 1923
EDITION: 2nd ed.
SERIES: Classics of international law; no. 11
NOTES: Reprint of the 1744 edition.
CALL NUMBER: Law Microfiche KZ1234 .C5 no. 11

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Malynes, Gerard
TITLE:  Consuetudo, vel, Lex mercatoria : or, The ancient law-merchant in three parts, according to the essentials of  traffick, whereunto are annexed ... [8] tracts
PUBLISHER: London: T. Basset, 1686
EDITION: 3rd ed.
CALL NUMBER: KD1815 .M3 1686r pt.1

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Gentili, Alberico
TITLE:  Hispanicae advocationis libri duo
PUBLISHER: New York: Oxford University Press, 1921
SERIES: Classics of international law; no. 9
CALL NUMBER: Law Microfiche KZ1234 .C5 no. 9

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Malynes, Gerard
TITLE:  Consuetudo, vel Lex mercatoria, or, The ancient law-merchant : Diuided into three parts: according to the essential parts of trafficke
PUBLISHER: Goldbach: Keip Verlag, 1997
SERIES: Klassiker des europaischen Handelsrechts; 6
NOTES: Originally published:  London: Printed by Adam Islip, 1622.
CALL NUMBER: KD1815 .M3 1997

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Grotius, Hugo
TITLE:  De iure praedae commentarius : commentary on the law of prize and booty
NOTES: Original manuscript dates to 1604.
PUBLISHER: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1950
SERIES: Classics of international law; no. 22
CALL NUMBER: Law Microfiche KZ1234 .C5 no. 22
PUBLISHER: Buffalo, N.Y.: Hein, 1995
SERIES: Classics of international law; no. 22
CALL NUMBER: KZ2093.A3 D4 1995

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