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Scientific Evidence

This libguide is designed to highlight useful legal as well as scientific resources that may be used as aids in presenting scientific evidence in the trial of civil and criminal cases.

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West Key Number System

Search Westlaw's Key Number system to find cases categorized under the following topics and key numbers. Remember to filter your results by jurisdiction.

157Key Number Symbol555.2 > Basis of opinion > Necessity and sufficiency

157Key Number Symbol508 > SUBJECTS OF EXPERT TESTIMONY > Matters involving scientific or other special knowledge in general

157Key Number Symbol555.10 > Basis of opinion > Medical testimony

157Key Number Symbol557 > EXAMINATION OF EXPERTS > Experiments and results thereof

157Key Number Symbol555.5 > Basis of opinion > Cause and effect

110Key Number Symbol695.5 > PROCEDURES FOR EXCLUDING EVIDENCE > Hearing, ruling, and objections

110Key Number Symbol486(2) > Basis of opinion > Necessity and sufficiency

110Key Number Symbol486(1) > Basis of opinion > In general

110Key Number Symbol388.1 > Experiments and tests; scientific and survey evidence > In general 


170BKey Number Symbol3600 > Procedural matters > Expert evidence and witnesses

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