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Public Policy Research & Drafting

A Research Guide for students in Prof. Casey and Moran's Public Policy research and Drafting class.

Video Tour of the Law Library Website's Search Features

Saving Your Research

WestlawNext allows all documents you retrieve to be saved to nameable folders. These folders can be shared with others within your company or school. Westlaw recently added the ability to upload documents from outside sources as well, making it a useful place to hold all of your research.

Lexis Advance allows you to create folders, which are shown on the dashboard by default. 

Bloomberg Law has "workspaces" rather than folders, but they work on the same principle: you can save any Bloomberg resources to a workspace and share it with others.


The University of Richmond has a cloud storage service used by all students, faculty, and staff to share and store files. If you have a Network ID and password, you already have an account! Just follow the link, sign in using your NetID and password, and watch the quick tutorial.

Box functions like most cloud-based storage services--you can make folders, share files with others, and sync Box to your personal computer.

Use the "Help" link under your account information to access tutorials provided by Box about managing, sharing, and syncing your files.

Box Apps

Box provides free apps to use the program on Android and Mac, as well as workflow tools for your PC.

Box Sync allows you to sync files from Box directly to your computer and open them as though they are on your hard drive.

Box Edit allows you to open files directly into Microsoft Office from the web-based Box application.


Subject Guides

The Law Librarians here at the University of Richmond have collected reference and research materials into Subject Guides--using the platform you are on now, LibGuides--to help students find topic-specific resources without having to filter through the catalog and database searches on your own. 

Each guide is curated by a law librarian. If you have questions about a specific guide, or need help with something not on this list, email

The Catalog

Our catalog encompasses the entire holdings of the University of Richmond. As a law student, you have access to all of the physical books held by campus libraries as well as any electronic databases purchased by main campus and by the law school. 

To search our catalog, you can use either the main blue bar on the Law Library's website:

Or select "Advanced Search" and compose a guided search using terms and connectors.


Our collection of databases within the University of Richmond is vast. To better focus on the research you'll need to do in law school, the Law Library maintains a shorter list of Law & Law-Related Databases.

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