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Michie's Jurisprudence of Virginia and West Virginia

Michie's Jurisprudence of Virginia and West Virginia provides narrative discussion of topics with references to specific cases and statutes in the footnotes. Relevent topics include:

  • Abstracts & Title Insurance
  • Adjoining Landowners
  • Building, Zoning & Land Controls
  • Condominiums & Co-Operative Apartments
  • Cotenancy & Partition
  • Deeds 
  • Easements
  • Licenses to Real Property
  • Zoning and Planning
  • etc.

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

  • Building Codes
  • Housing Development
  • Industrialized Building
  • Regional and Community Development
  • Commission on Local Government

Virginia Forms

Real Estate Transactions

Lease of Real Property

Contracts for the Sale of Real Estate and Related Forms


Notes and Deeds of Trust

Basic Provisions for Insertion in Deeds and Deeds of Trust

Miscellaneous Forms Pertaining to Real Estate

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