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International, Foreign and Comparative Law Resources


International Encyclopedia of Laws: multi-volume sets that cover many different subjects, including commercial and economic law; constitutioinal law; contracts; corporations and partnerships; cyberlaw; environmental law; insurance; medical law; etc.


Selected Other Titles:

  1. Digest of Commercial Laws of the World
  2. International Securities Regulation
  3. International Commercial World Arbitration
  4. International Contract Manual
  5. International Copyright Law and Practice
  6. Law and Business of Licensing
  7. European Union Law Guide
  8. International Protections of the Environment
  9. GATT Uruguay Round
  10. Law and Practice Under GATT and Other Trading Arrangements
  11. International Execution Against Judgment Debtors
  12. Transnational Contracts
  13. Transnational Litigation
  14. Laws of Transnational Business Transactions
  15. Copyright Laws & Treaties of the World
  16. International Mergers and Acquisitions
  17. World Online Business Law
  18. International Coproporate Practice
  19. WTO: Law & Practice of the World Trade Organization
  20. World Trademakr Law & Practice

Treaty Research

See guide completed by Amy O'Connor, Law Library Associate, dealing with "Treaties and Agreements."

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