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Computer Law

This guide is a starting point for research in computer law research, including traditional intellectual property topics such as copyright, patents, and trademarks, but also other topics such as virtual worlds, e-commerce and internet law and regulations.

Books, Treatises, and Loose-leaf Services

For books, treatises, and other materials about various subjects, check the library's online catalog, searching keywords such as computer law; cyber trespass; online privacy; copyright (generally and specific items such as copyright infringement); digital rights management; and many, many others. You will note that many of these titles are on the second floor of the Law Library at classification number KF390.5 .C6. Titles that deal with computer software are classified generally in the KF3024 section. 

Following is a list of selected materials (alphabetical order by title) located in the Law Library about computer law generally, as well as some about more specific subjects. 

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