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Islamic Law and Society

This guide, while not comprehensive, provides a listing of the more important, current and relevant materials available in the area of Islamic Law.


A basic search of the catalog using the term “Islamic Law” will reveal a number of results. Your search can be narrowed by adding limits like filtering for items found only at the law library. Feel free to try a catalog search based on specific areas or topics in Islamic Law. You may find additional items by also combining specific search terms with “Muslim.” Examples: “Muslim family law” or “Muslim women legal status.” The following list of sources is not comprehensive, but illustrative of what is available in our collection. Unless otherwise noted, the resources listed are available through the Law Library.

There are secondary sources unique to Islamic law. These include the Tafsir, which is interpretations of the Qu’ran, and the Fiqh, which is the process of deducing and applying Shariah principles. The Fiqh is the collective body of laws deduced from Shariah and Ijtihad is the process used to make legal decisions. Because these resources are not considered divine revelations, they are treated as secondary sources to the Qu’ran and Sunnah. Many of the sources listed below discuss both the Fiqh and the methodologies that comprise the Ijtihad but more specific sources can be found outside the library by using those terms in a WorldCat search.

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