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Admiralty and Maritime Law Bibliography

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in admiralty and maritime law at the University of Richmond Law Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.


AUTHOR/EDITOR: International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.
TITLE:  Yearbook
PUBLISHER: The Hague; Boston: Kluwer Law International, 1999-

PRINT: v.1 - v.13 (1996 - 2009)
ONLINE: v.1-11 (1996-2007)

Print and Electronic Monographs

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Tuerk, Helmut
TITLE: Reflections on the contemporary law of the sea
PUBLISHER: Leiden ; Boston : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .T84 2012

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Dimento, Joseph F.C. and Alexis Jaclyn Hickman
TITLE: Environmental governance of the great seas : law and effect
PUBLISHER: Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar Publishing

CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .D56 2012

Print and Electronic Mongraphs

Print and Electronic Monographs

Print and Electronic Monographs

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Zachlin, Ralph
TITLE: The Changing law of the sea : western hemisphere perspectives
PUBLISHER: Leiden: Sijthoff, 1974
CALL NUMBER: KZA1540 .C43 1974


AUTHOR/EDITOR: American Society of International Law. Working Group on Ocean Environment.
AUTHOR/EDITOR: D’Amato, Anthony,  and John Lawrence Hargrove (editors)
TITLE: Environment and the law of the sea : a report
PUBLISHER: Washington, 1974
SERIES: Studies in transnational legal policy; no. 5
CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .A45 1974


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Dupuy, Rene Jean
TITLE: The law of the sea : current problems
PUBLISHER: Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications, Inc., 1974
CALL NUMBER: KZA1540 .D87 1974


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Law of the Sea Institute.
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Gamble, John King, and Giulio Pontecorvo (editors)
TITLE: Law of the sea: the emerging regime of the oceans : proceedings [of the] eighth annual conference, June 18-21, 1973, University of Rhode Island, Kingston
PUBLISHER: Cambridge, Mass.: Ballinger Pub. Co., 1974
CALL NUMBER: KZA1141 .L37 1973


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Symposium on the Future of the Sea (1972 : Den Helder,  Netherlands).
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Bouchez, L. J., and L. Kaijen (editors)
TITLE: The future of the law of the sea : Proceedings of the Symposium on the Future of the Sea : organized ... by the Royal Netherlands Naval College and the International  Law Institute of Utrecht State University 26 and 27 June 1972
PUBLISHER: The Hague: Nijhoff, 1973
CALL NUMBER: KZA1065 .F87 A3 1973


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Regional Institutions for Marine Management in the Gulf and Caribbean and the Implications for the Development of International Law Workshop (1972 : Caracas, Venezuela).
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Alexander, Lewis M. (editor)
TITLE: Gulf and Caribbean maritime problems
PUBLISHER: Kingston, R.I.: Law of the Sea Institute, University of Rhode Island, 1973
SERIES: Law of the sea workshop; 2
CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .G85 1973


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Galey, Margaret E.
TITLE: The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission : its capacity to implement an international decade of ocean exploration
PUBLISHER: Kingston, R.I.: Law of the Sea Institute, 1973
SERIES: Law of the Sea Institute. Occasional paper; #20
CALL NUMBER: GC57 .G27 1973


AUTHOR/EDITOR: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements.
TITLE:  Law of the sea resolution : hearings, Ninety-third Congress, first session, on H. Res. 216 and 296. March 21 and 27, 1973
PUBLISHER: Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1973
CALL NUMBER: Law Microfiche: KF49.C62 CIS 73 H381-18


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Lay, S. Houston
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Lay, S. Houston, Robin Churchill, and Myron Nordquist (editors)
TITLE:  New directions in the law of the sea : documents
PUBLISHER: Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications, 1973-
CALL NUMBER: K1160 .L39 1973


TITLE:  The politics of the ocean
PUBLISHER: Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1972
CALL NUMBER: GC58 .W45 1972


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Friedmann, Wolfgang Gaston
TITLE: The future of the oceans
PUBLISHER: New York: G. Braziller, 1971
CALL NUMBER: GC1015 .F7 1971


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Marine Technology Society.
TITLE:  Law of the sea reports : a year of crisis, February 19, 1971; Geneva Report, October 18, 1971
PUBLISHER: Washington: Marine Technology Society, 1972
NOTES: Proceedings of two programs held in Washington, D.C.: Law of the sea--a year of crisis and Geneva Report, both sponsored by the Marine Technology Society.
CALL NUMBER: Law Basement KZA1145 .L39 1971


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Butler , William Elliott
TITLE:  The Soviet Union and the law of the sea
PUBLISHER: Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1971
CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .B84 1971


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Koers, Albert W.
TITLE: The debate on the legal regime for the exploration and exploitation of ocean resources : a bibliography for the first decade, 1960-1970
PUBLISHER: Kingston, R.I.: Law of the Sea Institute, 1970
SERIES: Law of the Sea Institute. Special publication no. 1
CALL NUMBER: Law 3d Floor K3481 .K64 1970


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Andrassy, Juraj
TITLE: International law and the resources of the sea
PUBLISHER: New York: Columbia University Press, 1970
CALL NUMBER: KZA1660 .A52 1970


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Burke, William T.
TITLE: Law, science, and the ocean
PUBLISHER: Kingston, R.I.: Law of the Sea Institute, 1969
SERIES: Law of the Sea Institute. Occasional paper; no. 3
CALL NUMBER: K3485.6 .B87 1969


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Borgese, Elisabeth Mann
TITLE: The ocean regime; a suggested statute for the peaceful uses of the high seas and the sea-bed beyond the limits of national jurisdiction
PUBLISHER: Santa Barbara, Calif.: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1968
SERIES: Center occasional paper (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions); v. 1, no. 5.
CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .B67 1968


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Garretson, Albert Henry, R.D. Hayton,  and C.J. Olmstead (editors)
TITLE: The Law of international drainage basins
PUBLISHER: Dobbs Ferry, NY: Pub. for the Inst. of Int’l Law, N.Y.U. School of Law, Oceana Publications, 1967
CALL NUMBER: KZ3700 .L384 1967


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Alexander, Lewis M. (editor)
TITLE: The Law of the sea : offshore boundaries and zones
PUBLISHER: Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1967|
NOTES: Papers of a conference held at the Ohio State University, June 27-July 1, 1966, sponsored by the Law of the Sea Institute.
CALL NUMBER: KZA1660 .L396 1967


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Baxter, Richard Reeve
TITLE: The law of international waterways : with particular regard to interoceanic canals
PUBLISHER: Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1964
CALL NUMBER: KZ3710 .B39 1964


AUTHOR/EDITOR: McDougal, Myres Smith and William T. Burke
TITLE: The public order of the oceans : a contemporary international law of the sea
PUBLISHER: New Haven: Yale University Press, 1962
CALL NUMBER: KZA1145 .M36 1962


TITLE:  Guide to law of the sea : a practical introductory digest and guide to "Law everyone should know" concerning the rights, duties and interests of ships and mariners, merchants and passengers
PUBLISHER: New York: Lion Press, 1937
CALL NUMBER: KF1104 .R32 1937


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Potter, Pitman B.
TITLE:  The freedom of the seas in history, law, and politics
PUBLISHER: Buffalo, N.Y.: W.S. Hein, 2002
NOTES: Originally published: New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1924
CALL NUMBER: KZA1348 .P68 2002


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Grotius, Hugo
TITLE: The freedom of the seas, or, The right which belongs to the Dutch to take part in the East Indian trade
PUBLISHER: Union, NJ: Lawbook Exchange, 2001
NOTES: Originally published: New York: Oxford University Press, 1916.--Translation of "Mare liberum"
NOTES: Translated with a revision of the Latin text of 1633 by Ralph van Deman Magoffin.
CALL NUMBER: KZA1348 .G7613 2001


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Marsden, Reginald G. (editor)
TITLE:  Documents relating to law and custom of the sea
PUBLISHER: London: Printed for the Navy Records Society, 1915-1916
SERIES: Publications of the Navy Records Society; 49-50
CALL NUMBER: KD1814.5 .M37



AUTHOR/EDITOR: Fulton, Thomas Wemyss
TITLE: The sovereignty of the sea : an historical account of the claims of England to the dominion of the British seas, and of the evolution of the territorial waters, with special reference to the rights of fishing and the naval salute
PUBLISHER: Union, N.J.: Lawbrook Exchange, 2002
NOTES: Originally published: Edinburgh: W. Blackwood and Sons, 1911
CALL NUMBER: KZA1540 .F85 2002


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Smith, David Wright
TITLE: The law relating to the rule of the road at sea : with diagrams and an appendix containing extracts from the Merchant shipping act, 1894; The Admiralty court act, 1861, etc.
PUBLISHER: Glasgow: J. Brown & son, 1910
NOTES: Important alterations since date of publication to March, 1911, inserted opposite the pages affected.
CALL NUMBER: K1150 .S6 1910


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Dahlgren, John Adolphus Bernard
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Cowley, Charles (editor)
TITLE:  Maritime international law
PUBLISHER: Boston: B. B. Russell, 1877
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections: K1150 .D3 1877


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Jacobsen, Friedrich Johann
TITLE:  Laws of the sea, with reference to maritime commerce during peace and war
PUBLISHER: Baltimore: Published by Edward J. Coale. 1818
NOTES: Translation of: Seerecht des Friedens und des Krieges in Bezug auf die Kauffahrteischifffahrt
CALL NUMBER: Special Collections KZ6563 .J33 1818


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Barton, William
TITLE: A dissertation on the freedom of navigation and maritime commerce, and such rights of states, relative thereto, as are founded on the Law of Nations : adapted more particularly to the United States; and interspersed with moral and political reflections, and historical facts : with an appendix, containing sundry state papers.
PUBLISHER: Clark, N.J.: Lawbook Exchange, 2005
NOTES: Originally published: Philadelphia: J. Conrad, 1802
CALL NUMBER: KZA1348 .B37 2005



AUTHOR/EDITOR: Ward, R. Plumer
TITLE: A treatise of the relative rights and duties of belligerent and neutral powers in maritime affairs : in which the principles of armed neutralities and the opinions of Hubner and Schlegel are fully discussed
PUBLISHER: Littleton, Colo.: F.B. Rothman, 1988
NOTES: Reprinted from the original edition 1801, with a preface by Lord Stanley of Alderley, and an appendix.
CALL NUMBER: KZ6563 .W37 1988

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