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Admiralty and Maritime Law Bibliography

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in admiralty and maritime law at the University of Richmond Law Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.

Print and Electronic Sources

TITLE: Benedict’s maritime bulletin
PUBLISHER: Newark, NJ: LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2003-

FREQUENCY: Quarterly
PRINT: v.1-5, 7- (2003-2007, 2009-  ) 
CALL NUMBER: Journal .B464 


TITLE: The international journal of marine and coastal law
PUBLISHER: London: Graham & Trotman/Martinus Nijhoff, 1993-

FREQUENCY: Quarterly
PRINT: v.13-20, 24- (1998-2005, 2009- )
NOTES: Continues International journal of estuarine and coastal law.
CALL NUMBER: Journal .I5769
ONLINE: v.1-23 (1986-2008)
NOTES: Title Varies: Vols. 1-7 (1986-1992) as International Journal of Estuarine and Coastal Law


TITLE: The International journal of shipping law
PUBLISHER: London, England: Lloyd's of London Press, 1996-

FREQUENCY: Quarterly
PRINT: v. Jan. 1996 - June 2000
NOTES: Continued by Shipping and Trade Law
CALL NUMBER: Journal .I57692


TITLE:  Journal of maritime law and commerce
PUBLISHER: Cincinnati, etc.: Jefferson Law Book Co.,

FREQUENCY: Quarterly
PRINT: v.1-36, 40- (1969-2005, 2009- )
CALL NUMBER: Journal .J6833
ONLINE: v.1-40 (1969-2009)


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Lloyd's (Firm)
TITLE:  Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly
PUBLISHER: London : Lloyd's

FREQUENCY: Quarterly
PRINT: v.1974 -
CALL NUMBER: Journal .L59


TITLE: Loyola maritime law journal
PUBLISHER: New Orleans, La.: Loyola University New Orleans, School of Law, 2002-

PRINT: v.1-4, 8- (2002-2006, 2010- )
NOTES: Preceded by American Mariner
CALL NUMBER: Journal .L692
ONLINE: v.1- (2002- )


TITLE: The Maritime lawyer
PUBLISHER: New Orleans: Tulane Maritime Law Society,

FREQUENCY: Quarterly
PRINT: v.1-11 (1975-1986)  
NOTES: Continued by Tulane maritime law journal.
CALL NUMBER: Journal .M374
ONLINE: v.1-11 (1975-1986)


TITLE:  Ocean development and international law
PUBLISHER: New York, N.Y.: Crane, Russak & Co.,
FREQUENCY: Quarterly/Bimonthly
PRINT: v.1-41 (1973-2010)
NOTES: Earliest issues have title: Ocean development and international law journal.
CALL NUMBER: Journal .O2
ONLINE: v.1- (1973- )


TITLE:  Tulane maritime law journal
PUBLISHER: New Orleans, La.: Tulane University, School of Law,  1987-
FREQUENCY: Semiannual
PRINT: v.12-29, 35- (1987-2005, 2010- )
NOTES: Earlier issues had title: Maritime lawyer.
CALL NUMBER: Journal .T85
ONLINE: v.12- (1987- )


TITLE:  University of San Francisco maritime law journal
PUBLISHER: San Francisco, Calif.: University of San Francisco Admiralty and Maritime Law Society, 1989-

PRINT: v.1-17, 23- (1989-2005, 2010- )
CALL NUMBER: Journal .U453
ONLINE: v.1- (1989- )

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