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Admiralty and Maritime Law Bibliography

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in admiralty and maritime law at the University of Richmond Law Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.

Print and Electronic Sources

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Gilman, Jonathan, [et al.]
TITLE: Arnould's law of marine insurance and average
PUBLISHER: London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2008
EDITION: 17th ed.
SERIES: British shipping laws
CALL NUMBER: KD1845 .A96 2008

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Jackson, David C.
TITLE: Enforcement of maritime claims
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 2005
EDITION: 4th ed.
CALL NUMBER: KD1825 .J34 2005


TITLE: General average : law and practice
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 2005
EDITION: 2nd ed.
CALL NUMBER: K1172 .R67 2005


TITLE: Lowndes and Rudolf : the law of general average and the York-Antwerp rules
PUBLISHER: London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1997
EDITION: 12th ed. / by D. J. Wilson, J. H. S. Cooke
SERIES: British shipping laws
NOTES: Previous ed.: published as The law of general average and the York-Antwerp rules. London : Stevens, 1975.
CALL NUMBER: KD1826 .L68 1997


TITLE: Marine claims handbook
PUBLISHER: London; New York: LLP, 1996
EDITION: 5th ed.
CALL NUMBER: K1226 .H8 1996


TITLE: The York-Antwerp Rules : the principles and practice of  general average adjustment in accordance with the York-Antwerp Rules 1994
PUBLISHER: London; New York: Lloyd's of London Press, 1996
EDITION: 2d ed.
NOTES: Foreword by Lord Donaldson of Lymington.
CALL NUMBER: K1173 .H83 1996


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Parks, Alex Leon
TITLE: The law and practice of marine insurance and average
PUBLISHER: Centreville, Md.: Cornell Maritime Press, 1987
EDITION: 1st ed.
CALL NUMBER: KF1135 .P35 1987


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Buglass, Leslie J.
TITLE: General average and the York/Antwerp rules, 1974 : American law and practice
PUBLISHER: Cambridge, Md.: Cornell Maritime Press, 1974
CALL NUMBER: K1173 .B83 1974


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Congdon, Ernest Wilfred
TITLE: General average, principles and practice in the United States of America
EDITION: 1st. ed.
PUBLISHER: New York: Baker and Voorhis, 1913

EDITION: 2nd. ed.
PUBLISHER: New York: Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1923
EDITION: 2nd ed. reprint
PUBLISHER: New York: E.W. Sweetman, 1952
NOTES: "Reprint of the second edition with the York-Antwerp rules, 1950, contrasted with the York-Antwerp rules, 1924."
CALL NUMBER: K 1173 .C7 1952


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Lowndes, Richard
TITLE: The law of general average : English and foreign
EDITION: 1st ed.
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens & Sons, 1873
URL: 0                

EDITION: 2nd ed.
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens, 1874

EDITION: 3rd ed.
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens & Sons, 1878

EDITION: 4th ed.
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens and Sons, 1888

EDITION: 5th ed. / by de Hart and Rudolf
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens; Philadelphia: Cromarty Law Book Co., 1912
CALL NUMBER: KD1819 .L67 1912

EDITION: 6th ed. / by Edward L. de Hart and George Rupert Rudolf
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens and Sons; New York: N.A. Phemister, 1922

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Parsons, Theophilus
TITLE: A treatise on the law of marine insurance and general average
PUBLISHER: Boston : Little, Brown, and company, 1868
CALL NUMBER: KF1135 .P3 1868


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Stevens, Robert, William Benecke,  and Willard Phillips
TITLE: Treatises on average : and adjustments of losses in marine insurance
PUBLISHER: Boston: Lilly, Wait, Colman, and Holden, 1833
CALL NUMBER: KD1826 .T73 1833

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Stevens, Robert
TITLE: An essay on average : and other subjects connected with the contract of marine insurance. Dedicated, by permission, to the Committee for managing the affairs of Lloyd's
PUBLISHER: Philadelphia: Published by Mathew Carey, and for sale by Wells and Lilly, Boston, 1817
EDITION: 1st American, from the 2d London ed.
CALL NUMBER: KD1826 .S7 1817


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