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Admiralty and Maritime Law Bibliography

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in admiralty and maritime law at the University of Richmond Law Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.

Print and Electronic Sources

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Meeson, Nigel and John A. Kimbell
TITLE:  Admiralty jurisdiction and practice
PUBLISHER: London: Informa, 2011
EDITION: 4th ed.
SERIES: Lloyd's shipping law library
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .M4 2011

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Costello, Kevin
The Court of Admiralty of Ireland, 1575-1879
PUBLISHER: Dublin: Four Courts, 2010
CALL NUMBER: KDK768 .C67 2010


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Zekos, Georgios I.
TITLE: International commercial and marine arbitration|
PUBLISHER: London; New York: Routledge-Cavendish, 2008
SERIES: Routledge-Cavendish research in international commercial law
CALL NUMBER: K1155 .Z45 2008


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Jackson, David C.
TITLE: Enforcement of maritime claims
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 2005
EDITION: 4th ed.
SERIES: Lloyd’s shipping law library
CALL NUMBER: KD1825 .J34 2005

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Meeson, Nigel
TITLE:  Admiralty jurisdiction and practice
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 2003
EDITION: 3rd ed.
SERIES: Lloyd's shipping law library
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .M4 2003

AUTHOR/EDITOR: The American Law Institute.
TITLE:  International Jurisdiction and Judgments Project : tentative draft
PUBLISHER: Philadelphia, Pa.: American Law Institute, 2003
NOTES: Subject covered: proposed Foreign Judgments Recognition and Enforcement Act (Revised).
CALL NUMBER: KF8731 .I5772

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Lynden, Carel J. H., baron van (editor)
TITLE:  Forum shopping
PUBLISHER: London; Hong Kong: LLP, 1998
CALL NUMBER: KJC3795 .F67 1998

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Hoyle, Mark S. W.
TITLE: The Mareva injunction and related orders
PUBLISHER: London: LLP, 1997
EDITION: 3rd ed.
SERIES: Lloyd's commercial law library
CALL NUMBER: KD7578 .H69 1997

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Owen, David R., and Michael C. Tolley
TITLE:  Courts of admiralty in colonial America : the Maryland experience, 1634-1776
PUBLISHER: Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 1995
CALL NUMBER: KF1112 .O95 1995


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Society of Maritime Arbitrators.
TITLE: Maritime arbitration in New York
PUBLISHER: New York, N.Y.: Society of Maritime Arbitrators, 1994, reprinted 1997
EDITION: 3rd ed.
CALL NUMBER: KFN5279.Z9 M37 1997

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Berlingieri, Francesco (editor)
TITLE:  Time-barred actions
PUBLISHER: London; New York: Comite maritime international [by] Lloyd's of London Press, 1993
EDITION: 2nd ed.
NOTES: Foreword by Allan Philip.
CALL NUMBER: K579.L55 P56 1993

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Schlichting, Mathias P.
TITLE: The arrest of ships in German and South African law
PUBLISHER: Frankfurt am Main; New York: P. Lang, 1991
SERIES: European university studies, vol. 1068= Europa╠łische Hochschulschriften. Reihe II, Rechtswissenschaft ; Bd. 1068
NOTES: Originally presented as author's thesis (LL. M.), University of Natal/Durban, 1989.
CALL NUMBER: K1188 .A7 S35 1991

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Cashmore, Chris
TITLE:  Parties to a contract of carriage, or, Who can sue on a contract of carriage of goods?
PUBLISHER: London: Lloyd's of London, 1990
CALL NUMBER: K1155.4 .C37 1990

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Meeson, Nigel
TITLE: The practice and procedure of the Admiralty Court : forms and precedents
PUBLISHER: London; New York: Lloyd's of London Press, 1986
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .A65 M44 1986

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Stevens, Edward Frank, and C.S.J. Butterfield
TITLE:  Shipping practice : with a consideration of the relevant law
PUBLISHER: London : Pitman, reprinted 1982, 1981
EDITION: 11th ed.
NOTES: Foreword by the late Lord Essendon.
CALL NUMBER: KD2810 .S55 1981a

AUTHOR/EDITOR: International Bar Association. Committee on Maritime and Transport Law.
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Hagberg, Lennart (editor)
TITLE:  Enforced sales of vessels
PUBLISHER: Deventer, The Netherlands: Kluwer, 1977
CALL NUMBER: KF1114 .B6 I5 1977


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Colinvaux, Raoul P., David Steel, and Vincent E. Ricks
TITLE:  Forms and precedents
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens, 1973
SERIES: British shipping laws; v. 6
CALL NUMBER: KD2810 .C64 1997

TITLE: The development of admiralty jurisdiction and practice since 1800 : an English study with American comparisons
PUBLISHER: Cambridge, Eng.: University Press, 1970

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Great Britain. High Court of Admiralty (Southampton, England)
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Welch, Edwin (editor)
TITLE: The Admiralty Court book of Southampton, 1566-1585
PUBLISHER: Southampton: University of Southampton Pr., 1968
SERIES: Southampton records series; vol. 13
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .G73 1968


AUTHOR/EDITOR: McGuffie, Kenneth C., P.A. Fugeman, and P.V. Gray
TITLE:  Admiralty practice
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens, 1964
SERIES: British shipping laws; 7
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .M33 1964

AUTHOR/EDITOR: Roscoe, Edward Stanley
TITLE: The admiralty jurisdiction and practice of the High Court of Justice, with which is incorporated "Williams and Bruce's admiralty practice" with forms and precedents
PUBLISHER: London: Stevens, 1931
EDITION: 5th ed. / by Geoffrey Hutchinson.
CALL NUMBER: KD1832 .R67 1931


AUTHOR/EDITOR: Jones, Leonard A.
TITLE: A treatise on the law of liens, common law, statutory, equitable and maritime
EDITION: 1st. ed.
PUBLISHER:   Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1888
CALL NUMBER: KF1058 .J664 1888




EDITION: 2nd ed., rev. and enl.

PUBLISHER: Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1894




EDITION: 2nd ed., rev. and enl. Reprint.

PUBLISHER: Clark, N.J.: Lawbook Exchange, 2005
NOTES: Originally published: 2nd ed., rev. and enl. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1894.
CALL NUMBER: KF1058 .J664 2005


EDITION: 3rd ed., rev. and enl. / by Edward M. White

PUBLISHER: Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1914

CALL NUMBER: KF1058 .J664 1914







AUTHOR/EDITOR: Dunlap, Andrew

TITLE: A treatise on the practice of courts of admiralty in civil causes of maritime jurisdiction : with an appendix containing rules in the admiralty courts of the United States, and a full collection of practical forms

EDITION: 1st ed.

PUBLISHER: Philadelphia: P.H. Nicklin and T. Johnson, 1836

CALL NUMBER: Special Collections: KF1112 .D86 1836



EDITION: 2nd ed. / with notes and additions, by Samuel Fales Dunlap

PUBLISHER: New York: J.R. Halsted, 1850

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