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Researching Federal Regulations

This guide is designed to acquaint the user with federal case law, statutes, regulations, and legislative histories, how to locate those sources, and how to navigate them.

Updated Regulations

As with any legal research, it is important to verify that one has the most recent text of the regulation. In order to find an updated regulation the following steps should be taken.

-Look up the relevant section in the most recent C.F.R. volume. Determine the date of revision on the cover of the C.F.R. volume.

-Find the most recent montly List of Sections Affected ("LSA") volume shelved at the end of the C.F.R. The LSA's are cumulative so only one LSA for each year is necessary. Check for changes to the regulation in quesiton. References in the LSA are to the page of the Federal Register containing the change. Note the dates of the LSA coverage.

-Check the Federal Register for changes between the dates of the most recent LSA and the present date. The last Federal Register of each month has a cumulative index for the month at the back of the issue. Find the date on the cover of the most recent LSA that deals with the C.F.R. title and  code section in question. Check the last Federal Register issue of each complete month since the LSA publication date. Be sure to check the "C.F.R. Parts Affected During [Month]" table near the back, not the "C.F.R. Parts Affected In This Issue" table near the front of each Federal Register issue.

-Check the "List of C.F.R. Parts Affected During [Month]" in the back of the most recent issue of the Federal Register available.

-If at any point in the process in either or both the LSA or the Federal Register changes are indicated, such changes must then be located and updated using the same process.

-Call the agency to determine if any additional changes have occured or are about to occur. Check with an online source to determine if any changes have been implemented.

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