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The study of bioethics covers many different topics, from medical professional-patient relations, to end of life issues, to issues relating to new medical technologies.

Finding Regulations

There are multiple entry points into researching regulations, be sure to check all points in a regulations path before proceeding.

Statutes and Legislative History

You can retrieve federal or state code sections easily if you have the citation of them from a secondary source or from a case. You can always search the code databases to find the sections, but there are two genetics-specific legislative databases that you should know of:

Legislative History

If the subject of your paper involves a statute, the text alone isn't going to be enough to work with. Many healthcare-related statutes are lengthy and difficult to understand, but you can get a better idea of the meaning and intent behind a statute by looking at the various drafts of the bill, committee meetings, and hearings associated with its adoption. Luckily, most large pieces of legislation have legislative histories collected by Hein or ProQuest, so you can find all of the information about the legislation in one place. If your particular piece of legislation has not been covered by one of these organizations, speak to a librarian about compiling this data on your own or finding other sources of legislative histories.

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