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Family Law

This guide, while not comprehensive, provides a listing of the more important, current and relevant materials available in the area of family law.

Practice Materials and Form Books

Balancing Competing Interests in Family Law: How to Handle Alternative Relationships, Third-Party Interests, Interspousal Torts, Privilege, and Privacy Issues, by John C. Mayoue (American Bar Association, Section of Family Law) KF510 .M39 2003.

American Jurisprudence Trials (AmJur Trials), KF8913 .A5. Available on Westlaw: AMJUR-TRIALS . Multi-volume set described as “an encyclopedic guide to the modern practices, techniques, and tactics used in preparing and trying cases, with model programs for the handling of all types of litigation.”

  • Sample articles: Relocation of Children by the Custodial Parent 65 AmJur Trials 127; Defense Against Wife’s Action for Support 17 AmJur Trials 721

Causes of Action (COA), KF8863 .S53. Available on Westlaw: COA . Multi-volume set containing articles discussing specific causes of action – “each article leads the practitioner through the steps necessary to determine whether particular facts give rise to a cause of action … elements of the cause of action … and then explains how these elements can be proved … [it] also guides the attorney in getting the case into court, and points out how to pursue the case through trial and to a successful conclusion.”

  • Sample Articles: Cause of Action by Grandparent to Obtain Visitation Rights to Grandchild 8 COA 163; Cause of Action on Behalf of Child or Mother to Establish Paternity 6 COA 2d
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